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Something new coming a'cha

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It's been a while, hasn't it? To say that life has been insane this year would be a tragic understatement. I think we can all agree on that. 2020 has taken the entire world by storm, and as a creative, I can confidently say that it has thrown me for a loop.

My ability to focus has fallen somewhere between Lucky Boucher and someone drools and tries to eat Checkers. However, after months of this, I've finally managed to wrestle my brain into some amount of submission. At least enough to be able to string words together into coherent sentences. That's sort of important for a writer, know what I mean?

So, without further ado, I'd like to share some details on my upcoming project with you. It's full of amazing characters, hilarious mishaps, and cute animals. Of course. I didn't get a personality transplant, y'all:)

These stories will have the added zing of some ghosts, a hot boss, and a brat pack of elderly men who can't agree on anything except their ability to get into trouble and their shared affection for Daisy Harper. Make your reservations now, folks. Restless, South Carolina is a great place to vacation, especially if you don't mind a dead roommate or two:)


What do a recovering romance writer, an ornery kitten, and a town full of ghosts have in common?

Unfortunately, until further notice, that would be me.

I was two months late on rent when my father called asking for my help. One of his old timer friends named Big Lou disappeared and, for reasons he refused to divulge, Dad didn’t want the cops involved. There also happened to be an opening at the local newspaper. He didn’t tell me what the job entailed, and I didn’t ask. I just needed to be able to pay my rent, so I packed up my cat and we headed to Restless, South Carolina.

Restless is a small town much like the one I grew up in, only with one not-so-small difference. Restless gets its name from all the restless spirits that haunt the place. In other words, it’s overrun by ghosts.

Yep, you read that right. Ghosts! As if that weren’t bad enough, my car keeps overheating, my neighbor has a penchant for gardening in the nude, and my boss is as suspicious as he is hot. But the real kicker is that the moment I arrive in town, I start hearing voices. Human voices. Only these are coming from my cat. If you think that sounds crazy, just wait until you hear what the dead are planning. It's enough to keep a girl up at night.

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