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Knife throwing and Jon Bon Jovi?

Of course she throws knives! This is Lucky Boucher, and she is like Emmy 2.0. Even as a kid, I wanted to be able to throw knives. I mean, it looked so cool to see people do it on television and in movies. Unfortunately, my attempts weren't nearly as successful as Lucky's. However, I do have to admit that once, in a fit of temper, I threw a pencil at the wall and IT STUCK! Almost like I'd done it on purpose. Now, should this have given me the confidence to throw something sharper and deadlier at a living creature? Say, for instance, my husband? According to him, no. It should not have. To this day he hasn't agreed to let me throw (something softer) at him, but I refuse to give up. And if he ever gives in, THERE WILL BE VIDEO. That I can assure you:)

Until then, I have some mental images for you. At one point, these even include Jon Bon Jovi. Who's up for that?

Lucky and the Crushed Clown is LIVE and FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Don't wait. Just go ahead and jump right in now:)

Here's a little about it:

What do a dead clown, an elephant, and a black cat have in common?

If you guessed me, you’re getting really good at this.

The circus has come to town, y’all, and I couldn’t be happier if I were twins. Unfortunately, because of a recent development with the grouchy ex-FBI agent that has become my shadow, I have to sit this one out. That is, until a clown is crushed by Lola the elephant, and not by accident. That’s when Miss Haddy, the oldest and most rambunctious resident in all of Salty Springs, calls me in to help find the killer.  

As it turns out, circus folk aren’t very welcoming to outsiders, so there’s only one way to identify the culprit—go undercover. As a bona fide knife-throwing, cat-wielding performer.  Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, as with the majority of my endeavors, this exploit doesn’t exactly go off without a hitch. In fact, this time there are stitches involved. Not in good places. And not just for me. 

But the big question remains: Do I catch the killer?

You’ll just have to brave the series of wild mishaps that is my life to find out.  

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