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I'm a writer, mostly of awesomely fun mysteries that no one should take too seriously. I imagine that I should probably say something deep and profound about myself or my life philosophy, but I'd much rather fling facts like cool ninja throwing stars.

FACT:  I'm a devoted if slightly neurotic wife, an indefatigable lover of animals, and an absolute fanatic of all things funny.

FACT:  I'm probably alarmingly similar to Lucky, minus the daredevil streak and the unbreakable parts, and I'm convinced that I have the best job in the history of the world.

FACT:  I'm such a homebody that seeing me out in the wild is something like spotting Sasquatch, only with less hair and less fanfare.

FACT:  I'm a nerd and a Southerner, and my preferred wardrobe consists of pants that stretch and a t-shirt with writing on it.

FACT:  I smile at everyone, hate to cook but love to eat, and occasionally get confused by the face I see in the mirror.  Wasn't I twenty-four just, like, yesterday?

FACT:  I think life is hard some days, and the best way through is, well, through. Might as well do it with a happy heart and a grateful soul, amiright?

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