Lucky Boucher never has to go looking for trouble. Trouble finds her just fine on its own.


What do a turkey, a maze, and an inflatable flotation suit have in common?


As usual, just one thing. Me, Lucky Boucher. 


It’s a standard Monday, and in my life that means I’m performing a product test that would make most people faint and stumbling upon a dead body in the process.  In fact, I float right over it. 


Dahlia Hayes is the fiancée of a notorious arms dealer, and now she’s toe up in the biggest lake in town. If that weren’t bad enough, she has past ties to Liam.  He’s the grouchy ex FBI agent who has become my sidekick. That or I’ve become his. Some days, I can’t tell which.  However, for the first time since we started solving crimes together, Liam and I find ourselves on opposite sides of the proverbial fence. Getting to the bottom of this murder is going to be tricky.


Things are heating up fast here in Salty Springs. I’m just not sure which is running higher in the case of the drowned debutante—the stakes or the tension. There’s only one way to find out, though—jump right in. 


And I’m just the girl to do a cannonball into the middle of it.

★★★★★  This book is just pure fun from beginning to end.  -- Teresa

★★★★★  Seriously this is the best book I've read this year and I can't wait to find out what other shenanigans Lucky gets into!!!!  --  Booklover

★★★★★  OMG I've been so excited to write a review for this book because I want to let everyone know how much I loved it!!  --  Rachael

★★★★★  This book kept me so entertained!! I read through it so fast because it has all the amazing elements to keep you glued to the pages!!  -- Kat

★★★★★  Do yourself a favor and read this!!  -- RL Rowbotham

★★★★★  This book was seriously LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!  -- Jerilyn Martinez

★★★★★  I had a permanent smile on my face from reading this book. [Lucky's] shenanigans had me laughing so hard I almost snorted.  --  Buzy_Reading

★★★★★  Omg I loved this book sooooo hard!!! It was hilarious, so much that I had to read off portions to my hubby  --  Heather Miller

★★★★★  I definitely recommend this to my fellow cozy mystery lovers.  --  Ms. Myles

★★★★★  Many parts I chuckled (and laughed) out loud and I genuinely liked the characters. Add in a little mystery with some mishaps, and you've got yourself a great, fast read.  --  Amazon Customer

★★★★★  I could not put down this book.  --  Krystal

★★★★★  This book hooked me from the first page  --  K. Guay

★★★★★  This is a very clean fun loving Cozy Mystery. I highly recommend this book  --  LovesWolves

★★★★★  The book had me laughing out loud and wanting to know who the bad guy was. I highly recommend it if your looking for something light and fun.  --  Average Chick

★★★★★  Will highly recommend this book to all my friends, especially the ones who need a good laugh!!  --  Lheanne Spicer

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