Lucky Boucher never has to go looking for trouble. Trouble finds her just fine on its own.


What do a strand of Christmas lights, cowboy boots, and a runaway crab have in common?


Would you be at all surprised if I said me?


I didn’t think so.


Well, Salty Springs holiday season is in full swing and things are off to an amazing start. Right up until Momma Leona and Beebee show up at my door a week early, and they don’t bring good tidings.  


Gavin Rossdale (no, not the singer) is my ex, and by “ex” I mean ex boyfriend as well as my ex stalker. Somehow, he caught wind of my new address and he’s on his way to pay me an unwelcome visit.  Fortunately for me, he never makes it. Unfortunately for him, it’s because he’s dead.  His body is found not two miles from my house. 


And guess who the prime suspect is.


Merry Christmas, y’all! It’s fixin’ to be a memorable one here in South Carolina.  Better buckle your seatbelts. It’s liable to be a bumpy ride.

★★★★★  This book is just pure fun from beginning to end.  -- Teresa

★★★★★  Seriously this is the best book I've read this year and I can't wait to find out what other shenanigans Lucky gets into!!!!  --  Booklover

★★★★★  OMG I've been so excited to write a review for this book because I want to let everyone know how much I loved it!!  --  Rachael

★★★★★  This book kept me so entertained!! I read through it so fast because it has all the amazing elements to keep you glued to the pages!!  -- Kat

★★★★★  Do yourself a favor and read this!!  -- RL Rowbotham

★★★★★  This book was seriously LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!  -- Jerilyn Martinez

★★★★★  I had a permanent smile on my face from reading this book. [Lucky's] shenanigans had me laughing so hard I almost snorted.  --  Buzy_Reading

★★★★★  Omg I loved this book sooooo hard!!! It was hilarious, so much that I had to read off portions to my hubby  --  Heather Miller

★★★★★  I definitely recommend this to my fellow cozy mystery lovers.  --  Ms. Myles

★★★★★  Many parts I chuckled (and laughed) out loud and I genuinely liked the characters. Add in a little mystery with some mishaps, and you've got yourself a great, fast read.  --  Amazon Customer

★★★★★  I could not put down this book.  --  Krystal

★★★★★  This book hooked me from the first page  --  K. Guay

★★★★★  This is a very clean fun loving Cozy Mystery. I highly recommend this book  --  LovesWolves

★★★★★  The book had me laughing out loud and wanting to know who the bad guy was. I highly recommend it if your looking for something light and fun.  --  Average Chick

★★★★★  Will highly recommend this book to all my friends, especially the ones who need a good laugh!!  --  Lheanne Spicer

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